Honda Motor Scooter
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Honda 400cc Scooters

Honda offers an amazing selection of motor scooters that provide immense dependability. They are also extremely fun to ride as well. Not only that, but you can expect great convenience features and factors that make them an excellent choice for daily commuters and for those of you who often take long treks. Honda 400cc scooters are loved for their ample, under seat cargo space. This cargo capacity provides enough space to help you stay on the road for days, and definitely provides more than enough storage to get to the office and have a clean pair of clothes to change into.

And even though this particular model sports ample storage capacity, you can still look forward to great performance and handling from this scooter. This mid size scooter, littler brother to the 600cc models, is powered by an efficient and powerful fuel injected DOHC parallel twin engine. To increase its efficiency, this 400cc engine is liquid cooled. You’ll also love how easy it is to handle this cutting edge power. Honda installed a V-Matic automatic belt drive transmission to eliminate the hassle of a clutch, creating a smooth transfer of power from start to stop.

Of course, Honda spent a good amount of energy on factors beyond just building a supreme engine—they designed their 400cc models to be able to make full use of their great engines through aerodynamic engineering that not only amps up your fuel economy, but provides smoother handling a more comfortable ride. Heavy duty suspension and excellent braking also help to provide great handling.

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